Xenobiotics ETO Sterlizer


“Ethylene oxide sterilizer” is defined as equipment which uses ethylene oxide as a biocide to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus and other unwanted organisms. Ethylene oxide is used in sterilization of items that are heat and moisture sensitive. E.T.O consists of a closed chamber mostly double jacketed, corrosion resistance, gas resistant of suitable alloy (mainly mild steel). The middle jacket is surrounded with the hot water to raise the temperature of the product. The outer jacket of ethylene oxide sterilization is insulated with proper insulation material for heat resistant. This E.O. gas sterilizer equipment is provided with vacuum pump, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, and nozzle connection for hot & cold water. It consists of one door which is made with radial locking arrangement in order to make chamber close right.


  • In hydration plants (where onion powder, onion flakes, garlic powder, garlic flakes).
  • Products are manufactured and exported.
  • In plywood industries where ply woods are sterilized against white ants and residual bacteria.
  • In food industries where various seeds like sesame seeds are sterilized and exported. Wheat flour, grains, all types of spices etc.
  • In pharmaceutical products, hospitals.
  • Used in industries where all the food products are exported.
  • Used for sterilization of catheters IV


  • Compact design to suit all environmental conditions.
  • Internal cage provided for non sticking of bags inside the chamber.
  • Provided with HMI screen complete PLC controlled.
  • Provided with thermal printer
  • Door is provided with joint less food grade gasket.


  • PRE STERILIZATION CYCLE: This process begins with the end cycle of previous batch, when sterilization gets complete and complete eto gas is removed from the chamber through vacuum pump. Aeration cycle process is carried out by drawing fresh air inside the chamber until the pressure inside the chamber becomes atmospheric. The door is opened, sterilized material is taken out and new batch is started. The material to be sterilized is fed into the ETO chamber before making a radial lock.
  • VACCUM CYCLE: Vacuum is done in two stages.
  • After feeding material into the chamber, the chamber inside is vacuumed to 250 to 300 mm of HG. Air is removed completed and Air nozzle vent is closed
  • After sterilization is complete to remove ETO gas from the chamber.


  • E.T.O gas is fed inside the chamber in appropriate proportion and simultaneously hot water is supplied in the jacket. This water inside the jacket is maintained at 80°C. The gas inside the chamber goes under thermal process thus increasing the pressure inside the chamber. When the pressure approaches the desired value i.e. (1.5 kg/cm2 or 14.7 k pas), this pressure and allowable temperature is maintain for specific time (5 To 7 or 8 to 10 hours) depends upon the material to be sterilize.


  • This process involved extracting residual gas out of the sterilized material followed after vacuum cycle. The air vent nozzle is kept open. The fresh air is allowed to pass inside the chamber until it attains atmospheric. We at Esteem Industries Inc. have manufactured different size of eto gas sterilizer and utmost care has been taken during its manufacturing stages. Our eto gas sterilizer undergoes different test (hydro test, vacuum test, pressure test) before it is finally dispatched to our consumers.

Model Volumetric capacity in M’ Working Pressure Working Temperature Total HP required Vacuum pump + Domestic pump
ETO 2×2×4 0.45 cu.mt 1 to 1.5kg/cm2 55 to 60°C 1.5 HP + 0.5 hp
ETO 4×4×6 2.72 cu.mt 1.0 to 1.5kg/cm2 55 to 60°C 2 HP + 1 hp
ETO 6×6×10 10 cu.mt 1.0 to 1.5kg/cm2 55 to 60°C 3 HP + 1 hp
ETO 6×6×18 18.34 cu.mt 1.0 to 1.5kg/cm2 55 to 60°C 5 HP + 2 hp
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