Xenobiotics Sliding Door Autoclave


  • For Sterilization of glass wares/containers, vessels, linen, rubber articles culture media etc.
  • Sliding doors with high temperature resistant silicon gaskets.
  • Standard cycles, HPHV cycles, Bowie Dick cycle & leak test cycle.
  • Fully Automatic P.L.C based control system covering all parameters with facility for printing. Manual maintenance mode independent to P.L.C.
  • Confirming to various international specifications. Complete cGMP models.
  • Guaranteed precise chamber temperature control with temperature uniformity as per EN554 & HTM2010.
  • On line printing & recording confirming to 21 CFR PART11.
  • Options like electrical steam generator, vacuum pump, carriage, trolleys, chart recorders, data loggers, Dx station etc.
  • Complete S.S 316 or economic model with only contact parts in S.S 316 For value display & printing option.


  • Door movement Vertical
  • Smooth Noiseless Door Operation
  • No Human Effort Required to Operate the Door
  • Aesthetic Full S.S Flush Mounting
  • Door Locking System under Pressurized Chamber Condition


  • Single Door/Double Door
  • Electrical thermograph.
  • Digital thermograph
  • Rapid Heating
  • Air Oven Steam Pulsing Pressure System
  • PC Based/Micro Processor Based Controls


  • Autoclave for HPHV cycle as per General Technical Specification enclosed. Extra attachment of Bunk washer with PLC control system is also provided
  • Size: 600×600×900, 600×900×1200, 900×900×1200


  • Basic Unit
  • S.S Carriage 1no.
  • S.S Floor Trolley 2no.
  • Automation Fully Automatic PLC based control system including Pneumatic actuated Valves, Solenoid, Valves, Pressure Transmitter, S.S control Panel etc.
  • 6pt strip chart recorder with Class-A sensors
  • Vacuum Pump (Water ring type) with S.S condenser installation and commissioning charges


  • Autoclave will be in sturdy construction using plates of appropriate thinkness which prevents buckling under vacuum or bulging due to pressure. Made to confirm to En 285 or HTM 2010 performance requirements.
  • Fully automatic by means of PLC based controls, which operate pneumatically actuated solenoid valves. Provision of four different cycles and programs:
  • Standard cycle
  • a Heat up-ster hold (1210 C) – exhaust
  • b Heat up-ster hold (1340 C) – exhaust
  • The technique uses the method of gravity air removal to ensure uniform steam distribution and penetration.
  • Steam trap equipped with air vent ensure maximum air removal.
  • Useful for sterilization of glass containers i.e. ampoulers, vials, glass bottles etc.
  • It is also useful for Sterilization of glass wares, utensils, vessles, instruments, rubber articles linen etc. in Laboratories and hospital.

  • HP HV cycle
  • 3 pre ster vacuum pulses – heat up – ster hold – exhaust
  • 3 pre ster vaccum pulses- heat up- ster hold – exhaust- post ster vaccum pulsing for drying
  • This technique uses near 100% air removal from sterilization chamber which results in better temperature uniformity in the chamber because of the absence of air pockets i.e. cold spots.
  • This technique increases the penetration of steam in porous products from which removal of air difficult. Vacuum drying at the end of sterilization hold period ensures drying of the material which has been sterilized. This cycle is useful for garments, fabrics, drying rubber bungs vessels machine parts etc.
  • Leak Test Cycle for periodic testing of door integrity and pipeline connections & detecting leakage ampoules. Another HP HV cycle with post vacuum pulses can be provided, if required, for special purpose.
  • III General Information-
  • SS construction with internal contact parts of SS 316.
  • SS construction with Jacket and non-contact parts of SS 304.
  • The unit is mounted on study SS tubular stand with level adjustment facility.
  • The jacket volume is comparatively large (depth of 50 mm) which ensures better heat distribution in chamber.

  • HP HV cycle
  • No drives are required. For sliding door movement, pneumatic cylinders are used.
  • Autoclaves with hinged doors have mechanical pressure locking device which prevents opening of doors under pressure. The quick throw lever mechanism ensures further safety.
  • Door interlocking provision prevents opening of doors under pressure as well as opening of both doors at the same time – after sterilizing cycle only Aseptic side door can be opened. Besides this interlocking, an visual indication is also provided.
  • The unit has two safety valves, on the chamber and one on the Jacket, besides having a pressure switch which shuts off steam supply to the chamber.
  • PLC’s used are Imported and compatible with P C. SCADA system can be incorporated for remote monitoring Or monitoring, controlling and data acquisition if required (Optional).
  • Electrical switchgear of SIEMENS / L & T / TEKNIK make. Cables of ISI brand.
  • Raw steam for jacket supply through your P.R.V
  • Pure steam for chamber supply through PSG (User’s Scope) Compress air- through FRL for instrumentation, vacuum through water ring vacuum pump. Single phase electric supply for control panel and instruments.

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